Frequently Asked Questions


What is the cost of your services?

For a full list of pricing and service rates please fill out an inquiry or contact us directly by phone or email. 

Will you come to where I am getting ready at?

Yes! We are an on-location artistry team. That means that we travel to you on your wedding day.

Do you offer airbrush makeup?

Yes we do! If you would prefer airbrushing please specify in your inquiry. 

Should I choose airbrush or traditional makeup?

In regards to foundation choice - It really is a personal decision. Both are fantastic products. The airbrush foundation provides a longer and more flawless wear. It can be applied for a full or sheer coverage and has a smooth finish. It also requires no maintenance. The traditional liquid foundation is always set with a powder and is also a great product but may require a light touch-up during the evening.

Where will your team set up?

The makeup artist/s will arrive and search immediately for the natural light. They will set up closest to the balcony window and face their chairs outward towards the window in order to work in the most natural lighting. The hairstylist/s will search for the electrical sockets and will set up next to the nearest ones. The artists do not require a ton of room. But clearing the space near the windows and the electric socket provides less movements when the artists arrive. 

What should I expect during the service?

Most appointments are scheduled in 45-60 minute increments. The ladies receiving hair appointments should arrive for their appointments with 100% dry hair. The only exception to this, is if they have scheduled a blow out. Each artist will provide a full consultation with the client in order to provide them with their desired look. If any changes need to be made, all of the artists will be happy to provide those. If the bride has specific requirements for the wedding party, this should be discussed ahead of time and all of the artists will be prepared with specific instructions. Once you have been pampered and are feeling absolutely stunning, the artists will go around to each client and provide hair and makeup touch-ups. The artists will make sure that each lady feels great and does not desire any adjustments to their look. If everyone is looking and feeling fabulous, then the artists will collect their kits and head out.